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IEW CLUB Vice President

Dr. Tantawi is the founder of Hackensack Pediatrics with over 40 years of pediatric experience. Dr. Tantawi graduated from Cairo University School of Medicine in Egypt in 1972. She received her M.D. degree at age 23. She then went on to complete her pediatric residency at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey with the honor of being offered the Chief Resident position in only her 3rd year.

Board certified and a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Tantawi began her career as the Chief of out-patient pediatrics at Hackensack University Medical Center taking the honor of being the first full-time female pediatrician ever hired by the hospital. After seven years of devoted service, she then started her own private practice (Hackensack Pediatrics) in 1985 and going strong ever since. Currently holds an academic appointment as clinical assistant professor at UMDNJ and as an instructor at New York Medical College. She enjoys teaching medical students and residents.

Dr. Tantawi is currently the president of the Egyptian American Medical Association after having served as the chairman of the foundation for two years. She is also a member of the Arab American Medical Association and had served as the president of the New Jersey Chapter in 2002. Her passion is humanitarian work. Through non-for-profit organizations, such as EAMA and AAMA, and with the help of other healthcare providers and organizations, she has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the following causes:

1) building a hospital in Ma’an City, Egypt, for the underprivileged (EAMA 2014 – on going)2) help deaf children in need of cochlear implants in collaboration with Cairo University School of Medicine (EAMA 2016 – on going)3) sponsoring 40 Egyptian medical students, who are at the top of their classes, to study and pursue further medical training in the United States (EAMA 2013 until now)4) raising 1,000,000 Egyptian Pounds to provide medical care to the injured during the 2011 Egyptian revolution, and to support the families of those who died during that revolution (EAMA in collaboration with the Tahrir Foundation 2011)5) establish a Children Cancer Treatment Unit at the Nasser Institute, Cairo, Egypt (AAMA)6) establish a Burn Unit at Al-Makassid Hospital in East Jerusalem, Palestine (AAMA).7) establish a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Nablus, Palestine (AAMA) organize a successful community health fair in Hackensack that provided free medical services to almost two thousand individuals of all ages (AAMA and Hackensack University Medical Center 2006)

None of her success would have been possible without the support of her late husband Adel Tantawi with whom she had two beautiful children, Mohamed (pediatrician at Hackensack Pediatrics) and Shirley (a special education consultant), whom she takes great pride in. She enjoys spending time with her five lovely grandchildren Yusuf, Malek, Jennah, Jebriel, & Tameem.

Dr.Mona Tantawi