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Mr. Abed A. Elkeshk is the Executive Vice President & Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer for the College of Mount Saint Vincent, a not-for-profit educational institution located in New York City. Mr. Elkeshk is responsible for financial planning and reporting of investments and auditing as well as operating capital budgets. He oversees payroll, legal, capital projects, student accounts, human resources, facilities, food service, clerical services, the campus store, and purchasing. Mr. Elkeshk is a member of the President’s cabinet and provides leadership in shaping the College’s future and its policies. He staffs and supports the relevant Board committees (including the Audit, Facilities and Technology, Finance, and Investment Committees); serves as the corporate compliance officer; and plays a critical role in the future development and construction of the campus.

Mr. Elkeshk is the Chairman of the Board of trustees of EIHAB Human Services. This multi-lingual and multicultural not-for-profit organization serves children and adults whom have developmental disabilities, mental retardation, and behavioral health challenges. The organization has centers throughout New York, New Jersey, and Northeast Pennsylvania. EIHAB’s philosophy of care supports individual choice, meaningful treatment, as well as less use of psychotropic medications and other restrictive procedures.

Additionally, Mr. Elkeshk serves as Tri-State Chapter Leader for the Egypt Cancer Network. This organization supports the largest free-standing pediatric cancer hospital in the world – Children’s Cancer Hospital of Egypt, located in Cairo, Egypt. In operation since 2007, the hospital has quickly become recognized as a leader in providing a new level of high-quality healthcare in Egypt where all children are treated free of charge without discrimination on the basis of race, creed or ability to pay.

At the Egyptian American Community Foundation, Mr. Elkeshk is the Chairman of the board of trustees. This not-for-profit organization supports humanitarian and social initiatives in Egypt and the United States. Services include offering assistance to new immigrant families, providing basic educational opportunities and helping connect individuals to government representatives/social workers.

Mr. Elkeshk is also the Chairman of the New Egypt Group, Inc. This not-for-profit association provides information to Egyptian immigrants to facilitate their adjustment to American culture; support networking activities and collaborative relationships between organizations in the United States and Egypt; and to support the preservation of Egyptian heritage.

Mr. Elkeshk is the Founder of the International Egyptian Women’s Club, a non-profit, non-religious and non-political chapter whose sole mission is to assist and elevate the lives of Egyptian women and children in the US, Egypt and around the world. The International Egyptian Women’s Club is growing its presence all over the world. In addition to the existing New York and London chapters, it is forming new chapter in France, and very soon, chapters in Australia and Egypt.